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Chaos Magick

Magick, as competent occultists might confirm, is often spelled with a "k" in the end to distinguish it from stage magic. Aleister Crowley is supposed to be the first one to use that spelling and delivered further reasons. Here in wasteland2570, Magick is used as a synonym for Chaos Magick.

Magick focuses on powers and energies to move a person close to fulfilling their ultimate destiny. This might often include work on aspects such as personal growth, transformation, and ascendancy. Or death and destruction. It all depends … Practicioners of Magick in wasteland seem to shift their paradigms a lot, meaning they use and adapt ideas from all other representations.

"The Four Models of Magic" is a common school of thought in Chaos Magick, proclaiming that for many magic actions there are four possible approaches. The Spirit Model, The Energy Model, The Psycholigical Model, and The Information Model.

staTTer, bla<k, and of course The GrandMaester are proud representatives of the Magick mindset. The Wheel seemed like a great talent but genius and madness are close (especially in Chaos Magick) and nothing was heard of him lately.
MerNeith, the municipal leader of Ashville, is also suspected to pursue the paths of Chaos Magick.

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