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Pagan witchcraft is supposed to gain power out of nature‘s wild and untamed energy. Not without a reason followers of this branch are often said to be very emotional and free spirited. Not much else is known, since the wiccas have so far cloaked themselves in secrecy even more than any other representation. You might have heard the lore of dancing naked around fires, performing decadent rituals, summoning spirits and so on. Maybe in nights of solstice or around the equinox it is just like that in wasteland. And no one ever watched. Or survived to report …

TR!NiTY is currently the only Wicca within the wasteland collective.
Åra, the spiritual leader of the Northeners, and salamAndra, leading a withdrawn life, are most likely Wiccans, too.
And you should not forget the White Witches of the East.