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wasteland2570 Char Sheet

Those of you who already have RPG experience will know what to make of this. For all the others, a short explanation.

HeP (Health Points)
Health Points indicate your physical condition. The lower your current score, the closer you are to death.
HeP = 10 + (Athl/2) + Cons

SaP (Sanity Points)
The more you have, the more mentally stable you are.
In a disturbing, post-apocalyptic world recently, you will not start off with a very impressive amount of sanity.
And sanity is easy to lose in wasteland2570.
SaP = 7 + Will - (Number of activated Magic Skills)

PoL (Points of Luck)
Points of Luck can be used in critical situations of the RPG. To re-roll a die or substitute missing skill points, for example (both with a chance od 100%). There is also a 50% chance to evade an attack or change your character's fate.
PoL can be purchased with XPs and are consumed after using.

Your skill ratings indicate how experienced or talented you are in different areas. They will dramatically increase your chance of succeeding in a skill check rolled with the d20 (20-sided die). Read more about Skills in The Skill Tree.
Skill Points can be purchased with XPs (1 to 1).

Artifacts are objects with special, potentially magical, features. Such as amulets. Or with some kind of unknown outcome, such as healing herbs, medication or toadstools.

Items & Equipment
This is your list of regular equipment, such as tools, food, survival items, and other useful objects.

Your combat ratings for melee and/or ranged fights. And your armour in case you wear more than just the usual clothing.

Mark the keys you found and solved yet. In each quest you can activate (usually) one of them to get a certain boost.

Probability of Success
This table that The GrandMaester received in a dream (but this is a story that shall be told at a crackling fireplace and not on a website) is a central element of the RPG. In combination with your d20, it will define if your skill checks succeed or fail. Your GameMaster will explain.

PoL - Possible Applications
More detailed information on how to use a PoL.

HeP - Regeneration
Valuable information on how to restore your health. And, in the end, survive.

SaP - Regeneration
Equally important as your physical health is your sanity.

Stat Formulas
Just some help on how to calculate your variable stats that cannot be directly improved by using XPs.