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1.1 FOOD
This talent includes anything that has to do with growing, harvesting, preparing and curing food or similar resources, from healing herbs to psychotropic plants. Your rating in FOOD is also helpful if you need to purify water. The basic understanding of how to apply heat and/or time to change substances might as well be useful in some alchemical processes.

The art of making something useful and/or beautiful by hand. This talent will help you with working on any goods that you want to create or repair in a traditional way. HANDCRAFT comprises for example building fences or traps, repairing certain items, painting, carving, tailoring new outfits, crafting simple devices or tools and many more.

Whether you want to make your provisional shelter more comfortable or to build more elevated headquarters for your own, newly founded clan, you will need certain skills in HOUSING. A specialist in HOUSING is more likely to find accommodation in abandoned areas or arrange a shelter wisely by using most modest means.

A character with a high skill rating in TECHNICAL DEVICES is more likely to manufacture or repair all kinds of useful technical items, from a compass or clock to a generator or radio devices. At a higher rating, they might even build up a stable electricity grid in a certain building or area – provided they have any materials necessary and the required fuel.

WEAPONRY is the noble science of designing and maintaining all kinds of weapons. (Though it should be pointed out that firearms seem to be rare in wasteland. But who knows ...) Anything that has to do with inventing, creating, building, repairing or maintaining devices to protect the own safety and/or harm other creatures is regulated via your WEAPONRY skill.

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