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A distinct gift for observation combined with logical thinking, or reaching a decision by considering all known facts. DEDUCTION might help you recognise, process and interpret complex correlations faster than others. A trait which could turn out a life-saving feature. A high rating in DEDUCTION will also work as a reminder that correlation does not imply causation.

EDUCATION sums up the amount of (mostly theoretical) knowledge and wisdom characters can intuitively reconstruct from their former lives before wasteland2570. The unconscious memory of common knowledge and specifically the humanities may automatically influence decisions. Used wisely, a high rating in EDUCATION might be used to enhance other skills.

In wasteland2570, OCCULTISM refers to the ability to understand the mysterious energies and spiritual techniques, as well as the concepts of hidden wisdom. The belief in and study of magical rites, alchemy and paranormal and high strangeness phenomena might be a crucial foundation if you decide your character should focus on one or more of the five Magic Skills.

SCIENCE includes creating and systematically investigating scientific theories and learning from the outcome. Compared to EDUCATION, this talent focuses more on the natural sciences. An elevated skill rating in SCIENCE will allow your character to access former life memories in physics, biology, medicine, astronomy or even alchemy. If the dice are in your favour, of course.

Understanding how devices work on a theoretical level and remembering technical concepts and hacks from your character's former life might give a head start in various areas. While the Crafting skill TECHNICAL DEVICES is covering rather the manual aspect, TECHNOLOGY works on a rather theoretical basis and provides the means for spectacular inventions and stunning discoveries.

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