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Magic Skills

There are five representations of magic in wasteland2570. Borders are blurring of course, so choosing your favourite representation will not so much affect WHAT you will be able to do but rather HOW you would do it.

The Chaos Magick approach would probably look at the issue from different angles and then decide on the best strategy. This could include any technique that comes to mind seems appropriate, according to their four models of magic.

Shamans often to work with the spirits of nature, the ancestors, and power animals. There also is a tendency to use altered states of consciousness for their magic. Most of them show are allured by portals and the otherworlds.

Telepathics rely on mind reading, hypnosis and thought (or, to be more exact, information transference). Even over long distances, such as in remote viewing). Empathy and/or clairvoyance a key to their sorcery.
Visoniaries are (aspiring) masters of wandering between different worlds, at least between dreams, visions received in meditation, and the waking world. Prophecies, astral travel and the collective mind are of great interest to them.

The wild and often untamed energy of Wiccans is closely related to witchcraft and pagan traditions. Working with the elements as well as particular Gods and Goddesses is also common amongst their kind.

Find more about the five representations and wasteland magic in general in The Magic System.

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