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Physical Skills


The skill rating in ATHLETICS represents a character’s general fitness, strength and agility. In situations such as climbing a steep rock face, running over a long distance or moving a heavy tree trunk, the GameMaster might ask for an ATHLETICS check. A good skill rate will not only help you with physically demanding tasks but also benefit on your HeP (Health Points).

AWARENESS includes the physical ability of perception, like observing, listening or using your haptic senses, but also your general alertness, and finally the more enigmatic concept of an open mind. AWARENESS might prove particularly useful for characters who intend to frequently leave the wasteland collective for upcoming quests.

“How not to be seen” or the art of not being recognised – at least unless you want to. CAMOUFLAGE is a skill that covers various physical talents such as hiding or sneaking but also the right mindset and composure to behave inconspicuously in the critical moment. Even in potentially dangerous situations.

COMBAT basically describes your practical ability to eliminate opponents faster than they can eliminate you. Often, but not necessarily, this happens by violent means. Your skill rating applies to any form of combat, be it with or without weapons. So it might be a very useful skill to stay alive in an unknown and dangerous environment.

Your rating in DEXTERITY determines your agility (such as the skill ATHLETICS does) and, more specific, your skills in general body control such as balancing, climbing and throwing or catching a life-saving piece of rope. But there’s more. This talent also includes a character’s ability to perform delicate actions with their hands, and finally hand-eye coordination in general.

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