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Social Talents


CONTACTS represent the impression your character makes on other wastelanders as well as the talent to keep up sound social relations. A high skill rating will improve your chance of finding the best possible allies, be it the Squad for just an one-night-adventure, the right companion for another year in wasteland or establishing a clan for more long-term endeavours.

This skill rating in CONVINCING describes how effectively you can persuade others to follow your advice or requests. Of course all characters have their own intentions and their own will. But sometimes a successful skill check in CONVINCING might give you the edge in a debate with just another stranger, your partner in crime or even your whole party.

"Trust no one" might be an excellent advice in wasteland2570. Especially if their skill rating in DECEPTION might be higher than yours, meaning that their capabilities in intrigue and deceit might even be better than these of your character. Mastering the subtle act of hiding the truth (or re-shaping the truth so that it better fits your needs) might get you priceless advantages.

Your rating in SEDUCTION covers your attractive and ensnarng qualities on other characters. A successful skill check in SEDUCTION means that another character is somehow drawn to yours and very likely more open to suggestions and joint undertakings. What exactly the seduced person is willing to do for someone is a different matter and depends very much on the game situation.

Your determination and will to survive in wasteland2570 as well as your persuasiveness and your general charisma are represented by that skill. Characters will much rather follow the lead of someone with a high WILL POWER. And your own WILL POWER might be crucial to resisting magic influence from others or keeping your sanity in mentally challenging situations.

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