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Specialised Skills

Specialised skills are an innovation in Season 4. It will allow characters to focus on subareas of their preferred skills.

For example, a player who is already experienced in Science could decide to prioritise Medicine. Then it would take 1 XP to activate Medicine on the Char Sheet to a rating of 1. But from then on, each XP invested in Medicine will count triple - 1 XP equals 3 SkP in the specialised skill.

To give you an example, our player with a Science rating of 6 and 3 XPs to invest could either traditionally set up Science to a rating of 9. OR leave Science at 6, activate Medicine to 7 (taking over his Science rating + adding the first point for 1 XP) and then boost it up to 13 by investing two more XPs.

Think carefully about when to specialise in which areas. If our player decides to raise the Science rating at a later time, this will not influence the Medicine rating. And no more then five specialised skills can be activated in total.

The same goes of course for all other specialisations, such as a shaman focusing on astral travel or a fighter boosting his crossbow skills. The specialisation you choose is up to you but must be confirmed by your GameMaster.

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