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Survival Skills


Not everyone is made to stand the heat of wasteland2570. Situations might arise when only characters with a strong CONSTITUTION survive. This skill basically represents the physical condition, health and stamina. A good CONSTITUTION will also show in your HeP (Health Points), meaning you will resist more physical damage from wounds, illnesses or poison.

Exploring new territories and facilities might be one of the most important tasks for wastelanders. EXPLORATION includes all kinds of orientation, some mapping skills, the right eye for the most promising path as well as a general tendency to stay alive in unknown areas. So the more you are planning to roam around in wasteland, the more valuable this skill will become.

GATHERING SUPPLIES represents the certain gift to spot supplies in most unlikely places or even under most difficult conditions. And the ability to recognise items or tools that could be used later or maybe just need some repair. If your character's skill rating in GATHERING SUPPLIES is higher than in FOOD, it might even secure survival by finding water or something to eat.

INTUITION can be defined as the power of attaining direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought. A character with a high INTUITION is more likely to be struck by an immediate flash of genius but might also sense alarming, even disturbing perception in his dreams. Needless to say, this skill will turn out very useful to characters specialising in magic skills.

WILDERNESS includes all kinds of knowledge and skills to survive out in nature. So the skill comprises identifying and collecting edible (or poisonous) plants and mushrooms, finding drinkable water, making a fire and so on. It can also be used for seeking, pursuing, and capturing or killing wild animals. A decent rating in WILDERNESS might even boost your combat skills.

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