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The Old Gods

"The Old Gods" is a collective term for the endless entities that were in one way or the other popping up in wastelanders' minds. Therefore it seemed reasonable to address them in prayers, sacrifices, meditation or magic rituals. The non-exhaustive list seems like a rather wildly mixed pagan pantheon, including deities from very different cultural and mythological backgrounds. And this is fine, since there are no restrictions or rules regarding religion or spirituality in wasteland2570.

Deities that came up repeatedly were Hekate, Pan, Dionysos, Ganesha, Cernunnos,  Morpheus, Justitia, Loki, Baal, Kali, Ishtar, Thoth, Baphomet, The Norns and The Great Machine God. But it seems likely this list is to be amended in the future.

It is yet uncharted if these Gods played some part in our wastelanders' former lives, or what exactly drew attention them. However it seems a reasonable guess that for some reasons their influence reaches deeper into wasteland2570 than maybe into other realities. The same applies for many other entities as the Genii Loci and various Spirits of Nature.

Whether to believe in or turn to The Old Gods at all is a choice to make for each wastelander individually. Some wastelanders explicitly ignore the existence of deities. However, some find great amounts of solace in their faith, and some hope for a key to enlightenment while others.

when times are dark,
all there is
is faith."

- The GrandMaester