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Season 4, wastelog 02

What happened out-game

AEONS OF ASHES released their wasteland-inspired, AI-generated lyric video to the song Requiem.

RPG announcements

Town of Terrors

A league of extraordinary wastelanders feels ready to engage in the path-breaking upcoming quest. In order to stay discreet and at the same time investigate as much of the city as possible, The GrandMaester suggested to split the brave volunteers into two squads of four.

f4v5t, feAther, s33k3r, Shad0w

bla<k, rh0nd4, staTTer, The GrandMaester

The fate and future of the wasteland collective lies in their hands now.



"The Thirteen Truths"
Shad0w ... 5 XP ... 6 truths found in total
st0nes ... 3 XP ... 4 truths found in total
d0ck3r ... 2 XP ... 6 truths found in total