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Year 1, Week 42 (wastelog)

21.11.2020. This is gonna be weird ...
That night we will play our first (and probably last) solo show ever at Tales from the Moshpit - Chapter LXX - Survivor Series. BUT we are stoked to make the best of the situation and your coming worthwile.

Around an extended live set, the whole evening will be dedicated to wasteland2570. Including a video screening of released and previously unreleased wasteland episodes, some mystery action for our current role-players and the official start of season 2.

Due to covid-19, there's only a very limited amount of tickets. So you better be quick! CU @ frei:raum and in wasteland2570!

Also, we are excited that video shoots for Season 2 started this week!

For our second show this year, on 21.11.2020 at Freiraum St. Pölten, the crossover will also include videos, riddles and be even more wastelandy. Only very few tickets left!