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Year 1, Week 43 (wastelog)

Thursday, 22.10.2020. Finally our chance to test the alchemical marriage of metal and role-play in a concert situation.

But, how does this work for active wastelanders?

>> Current players that show up at ((szene)) Wien will get three special tasks. For each task fulfilled, they will earn a hint on one of Season 2's 13 new keys.
>> The GrandMaester promised to give at least one clue on one of the new keys.
>> Rumors are that each new key is at least mentioned once in one of our two brandnew songs.
>> Existing wastelanders also will receive one special item after the show, to be used later in a roleplay session.
>> And of course they get an experience point for showing up. Even two, if they are wearing their wasteland outfit.

For our second show this year, on 21.11.2020 at Freiraum St. Pölten, the crossover will also include videos, riddles and be even more wastelandy. Only very few tickets left!