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Year 2, Cold Moon (wastelog)

Before we start ... 

Did you already have a look at the Chronicles of Year 1?

Next, there was an update on RPG skills for Season 2.

>> "Scientific Research" was renamed "Science".

>> "Hunting" now includes more areas and was therefore renamed "Wilderness".

>> "Prepping" became "Intuition".

>> And all the skills have now been described more exactly, based on the experiences of role-play sessions in Season 1.
Check out all about the skills here on the website or

download the new and improved Skills & Skill Tree PDF.

And finally, The Introduction on Supernatural Abilities and the Magic System has been updated as well for Season 2.


TR!NiTY reported 13 keys solved and earned 13 XP. What an entry!
s33k3r reported 10 keys solved and earned 10 XP.
Fl!ck reported 7 keys solved and earned 7 XP.
g8s reported 7 keys solved and earned 7 XP.
st0nes reported 6 keys solved and earned 6 XP.
m0rl0ck reported 2 keys solved and earned 2 XP.

And then what happened?

As you might have read at the end of the Chronicles, Fl!ck was full of motivation to investigate two critical spots in wasteland2570. g8s, feAther and even The GrandMaester agreed to join her. They are about to head out on the most dangerous quest so far in wasteland on the 8th day of Cold Moon.

We will try to keep you updated who survives.