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Year 2, Crow Moon (wastelog)

What feAther discovered in her last quest.

feAther returned from her side quest on the 7th day of Crow Moon. Her first report left quite a few questions. So let us have a closer look at what she found.

Soon after finding a hidden path at Mortens Fork, the place where her companions had lost her tracks, feAther found a clearing with a suspicious scarecrow. She received a vision from a past conjuration and from a fight. At night she made contact with the dre4mc4tcher for the first time. Whether in wasteland reality or in her dreams (or both) she was not completely sure about.

The next day she followed a path in the woods which seemed like a corridor. Further down her way (and as already foreshadowed in Season 2, Episode 1 - Liminality) she "found the ruins of an abandoned city but there was ..." 

... a raging river she could not cross to take further investigations. As she camped on the river bank, she noticed strange lights coming from the town's industrial zone which was obviously shelter to a group of strangers. At least she could see lights and smoke coming from some factory halls and chimneys. And sometimes, when the wind was right, even meant to hear the sounds of machines pounding.

On her way back she was sure she heard shots. Run and hide seemed clearly the smartest option, since feAther had met no trace of firearms before in wasteland2570. Later she encountered a strange old man that seemed like an old acquaintance and in a mysterious conversation. Bemused and bewildered she returned to headquarters and needed a few hours to sort her thoughts. 

What might the outcome of her findings? Currently the question of how to deal with the new situation is under discussion within the collective.


Åra, feAther, m0rl0ck, Rh0nd4, ru3b3, s33k3r, Shad0w, staTTer, and TR!NiTY joined the very first wasteland webinar and earned 1 XP each.

For special achievements, Ch4r0n was rewarded with 2 XP.
p0is0n ivy, 50ULM4T3 and TR!NiTY earned 1 XP each.

For latest discoveries and her blog entry, feAther earned 2 XP.