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Year 2, Ice Moon (wastelog)


Back to our latest quest.

Slightly strained from the endeavours, and from an encounter with a pack of wolves, Fl!ck, g8s, and The GrandMaester returned safely to the wasteland collective's homebase on the 8th day of Ice Moon. Their analysis of Four Oaks,The Taletelling Beech, the Forelorn Forest where the GrandMaester's amulet had manifested, and the ominous Concrete Block brought some profound results to the cold winter light of wasteland2570.

However,feAther went missing when the rest of the squad awoke one morning, not far from the concrete block. The rest of the pack were able to follow her traces up to an enigmatic crossroads which was marked as Mortens Fork.

Especially Shad0w seems concerned about her friend: "Whenever I see crows, I think of feAther." Let us hope our beloved visionary will soon find her way back safe and sound. At least she knows how to survive in the wilderness.

Side Events.

d0ck3r managed to put the red radio back into operation for a few moments. Fragments of songs from a long forgotten past and parts of a hardly comprehensible speech could be heard before the power dropped.

The GrandMaester seemed quite frazzled after his return from the quest and was observed solioquizing about a mysterious Black Book.

According to rumour, s33k3r went to see g8s to dive deeper into the secrets of shamanism.  


Fl!ck, g8s, and The GrandMaester earned 2 XP each for completing their quest.
feAther earned 2 XP for the quest and entered a follow-up adventure.
m0rl0ck reported 2 keys solved and earned 2 XP.