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World Building

As many role-playing games and fantasy worlds, wasteland2570 is full of rich and fascinating details. One of the special features of our RPG system however is that each and every player can take a creative leap and help building or refining wasteland2570.

Whatever your character chooses to do, it might shape some aspect or part of the world. Exploring unknown areas of wasteland2570 can be logged in your blog entries, documented in new video material or mapped by yourself or fellow players. The tasks you define for your character might inspire your game master to write an appropriate quest. Interaction with other characters may provoke conflict or lead to long-term bonds. Gods your character worships might be added into the pantheon of The Old Gods. And each and every sorcerer is obliged to expand The Magic System.

If you are interested in helping to build this world we suppose you get in touch with us and we will discuss your priorities and how to gain a foothold in wasteland2570 .

The World of wasteland2570

wasteland2570 is set in a world not unlike ours but quite outdated. Or, to be more exact, such as our world had been mostly abandoned in the 1950s or early 1960s. In some places there can be found remnants of a former civilisation similar to ours.

For world building, this means that the chances to find a shovel, a knife, a hammer or a scythe (probably all a bit rusted) are not bad. But there are no computers or cell phones. Weirdly enough, no motor vehicles have been spotted in wasteland2570 so far. And it took a while until the first and very rare firearms were spotted.

The often present pylons seem to not quite fit in and are still a part of wasteland's enigma. Still they proved helpful for more than one character, leading them the way to ruined cities or at least to sparse settlements.

Still unexplained is the fact that livestock has completely disappeared, making it not easy to provide a bunch of people with food all the time. But since there are very few survivors to find, even in towns and cities, there is a way.

All of this leaves a lot of options to motivated writers and GameMasters. No matter if you want to start your next adventure in an impenetrable forest, an abandoned factory, a mouldy bunker,  the ruins of a church, or an enchanted park with a nearby graveyard. And of course the literal cabin in the wood is almost timeless, we believe.

We suggest you have a closer look at this page every once in a while. Information about settlements, special places, food, supplies, items, plants, animals, and mysterious creatures will be added soon.

The wasteland calendar

A provisional calendar was established after the first months in wasteland2570. Synchronised with the lunar phases, a wasteland year was defined as twelve moons of 29 or 30 days each, at first. Some felt this would not exactly cover a whole year’s time but the collective agreed that divergences in date could be dealt with later.

The succession of wasteland months

Ice Moon is freezing cold and the days are short.
Hunger Moon is hardly better. Hard times in wasteland.
In Crow Moon days are getting noticeably longer.
Seed Moon ends with the night of Beltane.
Taurus Moon lets plants grow and bloom.
Dryad Moon is the moon with the longest days.
Thunder Moon and
Red Moon are usually the warmest part of the year.
Harvest Moon is the time for saving the crops.
In Blood Moon days are already getting short.
Beaver Moon tends to be dark and hazy.
Cold Moon is the moon when the light of day is really scarce.

You might have also noticed that time passes differently than in our reality. So the three seasons/years on earth covered just two years in wasteland.

Mystery and Magic

Magic and the occult are omnipresent in wasteland2570, but still the shrouded by mystery. For some reason, sorcerers (which are not at all uncommon amongst wastelanders) seem to have an interest to keep it that way.

As a consequence, much is possible. From undead deer to divine inspiration, and from spontaneous healing to ghouls lurking behind the walls of an unexplored city. Initial investigations revealed that practicioners of various traditions are likely to find in groups of survivors.

Occult places such as old temples and ritual spaces are clearly more common than in our world. And we know there are portals in wasteland2570. But since g8s left, knowledge of how to properly and safely use them is basically lost to the wasteland collective.

The world is magic, particularly in wasteland. Did you already have a look at The Magic System?