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First steps in wasteland2570

Imagine waking up in an unknown environment. You are lost. Alone in a deserted world, in many ways similar to ours. However, any trace of civilisation seems a bit outdated and derelict. And some laws of nature are slightly altered, opening up a portal for occult practices and the use of magic.

In a world of abandoned lands and ruined cities, encounters with other human beings are rare. And who can tell friend from foe? Or discovery from deception?

Characters can only remember scattered images and vague memories from their former lives. These are usually hard to grasp, so deja-vus, visions and dreams are better watched attentively.

Do we have YOUR attention? Your admission ticket to immerse deeper into wasteland2570 can be earned in The Quest to Find Your First Key.
But be warned! Not everyone waking up in wasteland is destined to survive.

What happened so far

There are different ways to experience what happened in wasteland.

We suppose you already watched the intro video on our homepage?

One great way to get dive in deeper is to watch our Story Videos.
If you prefer written information, The wasteland Chronicles might be your thing.
And if you want to get a glimpse of wasteland from the characters' perspective, you might check out the Blog entries.