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Even though I enjoy spending time with P.K. and listening to her talk about her life, I also feel a constant desire to explore the world in silence. Also, I would like to visit S4r4 again and tell her about the latest developments.

I have therefore decided to set off in the direction of S4r4's grave. Since I did not know the exact way, I went in the…

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Sensations and impressions from my spirit journey were still puzzling my mind when we left the wyrd factory hall. The world seemed greyer than usual. Only some flickering interference from my third eye ocassionaly led to colourful flashes.

Back at our shelter I sank into meditation. Were the interferences some sort of signal? Or a subtle manifestation of…

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It’s very awkward. People are giving me strange looks whenever I’m asking them: "St0ry?"
One guy told me everything about his life.
(I didn't really listen. There were so many whispers in my head and it was quite boring. He never took a breath till he finished.)

The next one turned around - immediately... Maybe I was blessed?

I’m not sure how much time has…

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saw her at the crossroads
she who waits
present in every moment
at all time

like her
waiting for all of us

with a lantern near her feet on the ground
and a story for your further adventure
offering tools of encouragement

are you willing to see her
meet her
at her stand of your fire

are you willing
like all the others

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AI generated image: gravestone in the woods

In wise foresight, I always had an eye on collecting loot items. Even back then, when I still was with my old clan. These items were meant to provide a better future for both of us.

No one except my good old friend S4r4 hat known about my hiding place. No one knew about the gap in the floor of my hut. So the equipment was save.

S4r4 and I had planned to…

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I never really thought of myself as the sentimental or even spiritual type.

It's been a handful of moons now since g8s left and it has not affected me all that much...

... but last night, I had this vivid dream... of a lonely wanderer on his journey through a barren, deserted landscape...

And now I can't shake the feeling that this was more than just a…

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So, The Prophets of Ashfaroth have asked us to return "stolen" books from "their" library. The Prophets of Ashfaroth therefore claim that we stole their books.

Where do they derive this claim from? "Stealing" presupposes that the item had been the property of another person and was wrongfully taken. On what do they base their claim? 

Consequently knowledge…

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Behold, for once again I received a prophecy.
Real eyes could not have seen it clearer though.
Eerie still, just as the voices of the Norns.
A raven spoke to me in my dreams.
Kranvoc was his name.

Tattered in appearence,
He cawed about the Black Lodge.
Exceeding existence he named as his aim.

Seven Seals he mentioned, too.
Eventually four of a kind could…

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Interweave the lines, just as my cat once did with the woolen threads.
In a former life.

New doors of perception may open for you.

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