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I am used to finding things. But I am definitely not used to things finding me. Sleep wasn’t an option, I had an eerie feeling that sent me downstairs to my shop.

I was not prepared for this.

My safe place, my own last resort, my haven had been compromised. I felt sheer terror. I know every and last piece in my shop, and I was sure that red thing had not…

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Well, after returning from the Squad of Crossroads, a whole lot of talking, guessing and thinking had to be done. 

And recreational excercise, of course.

But my impatience got the better of me. Again.

Feeling held behind by the mostly theoretical efforts of others, I decided to go my own ways for some weeks or so...

As suggested earlier, my plan was to…

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I can remember that day.
At least I thought I do.

Some things are missing, some things are too much.
Something tells me to change my perspective.

I thought something could be wrong here.
That is why I started to keep a diary, a long time ago.
For my memory, for my questions, for my experiences, for everything I've learned and discovered. For my soul.


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There are theories that we exist in a world created through causal chains, meaning a sequence of events that leads to a particular incident. Everything that happens does so for a reason, nothing occurs in a vacuum. We may or may not be able to see these causal chains clearly, but they are always present.

There are other theories claiming that fate, or…

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I already told you: there are powerful forces of evil in the world. It is some men's fate to confront great darkness. We each choose how to react. If our choice is fear, then we become vulnerable to darkness. 

I have seen them and the city behind which the lava flows. I have heard the pounding of the machines and the shots. I have made friends with the…

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wasteland2570, as the grandmaester tends to call these lands, should boast about the tenacity of its inhabitants. met many of them, the tenacious living and the tenacious dead. no inferi, zombies, draugr or liches seem to be tolerated.

another thing that doesn't happen often is "cross dimensional incursion" with a way back to wherever. welcome to the blind…

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Today I felt suspicious in the woods.
Like there was some sort of strange aura around me.

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I had one of those dreams tonight. Again ...

Most of the time I was carrying around some animal with black fur and pointy teeth. Or, rather a dark fairy it was, to be precise. Turned out that dark fairy was my child. Or at least I had I created it by virtue of my will ...

Anyway, I awoke breathlessly and alone. I could feel my sanity dropping. Again. 

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There is a disturbance within the Great Machine's heart beats. Some weird presence among the gears.

I saw something.

The shape of woman. Dressed in green leaves, dancing among the pipes of the engines. Where she stepped by her bare feet, flowers sprouted from cold steel. Vines and and leaves greener than anything I have ever seen. She is so beautiful. But…

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With the help of Hekate

To my great surprise the GrandMaester asked me for help. I had never talked to him before, I've only listened to some of his speeches and, to be honest, I was happy that he never searched my attention. There is something in his appearance that makes me shiver. His eyes have a strange look and to me he has spooky spider fingers …


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