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Strolling through the woods my attention was drawn to another shelter or big nest. I wonder what kind of creature could have built such a big and well thought out... fort? I sensed a relic of a strong and devastating presence.

Has someone experienced similar vibes or even seen something (more) unusual (than already experienced every day)?

Getting a…

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It’s dawn, almost nightfall already. Tonight will be a full moon again. 
I know I won’t find any sleep, any rest tonight. 

Too many questions, thoughts, emotions keep hunting me. Too much that I don’t really want to think of, as of yet. At the same time, I feel myself being pulled outside, out in those seemingly endless woods. 

Sometimes, my mind is filled…

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Explore, and don't bleed! (2/2)

However, one day I had a breakthrough. It was a foggy and cold day ... as always. I prepared my crystal and my hourglass and sang a little melody, which I find very comforting to get me into the optimal mood. I chose my favorite position and then I had the intuition to sacrifice a drop of blood, which I did. 

I was…

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Explore, and don't bleed! (1/2)

Oh dear, it seems finding my way back to my world is getting harder than I thought it would be. The fog is getting thicker. It' turning colder. The trees have lost their leaves und the animals are becoming silent, so some sort of season change is happening apparently. Good to know!

During the “summer” I have been pretty…

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A year has passed.
What can you remember?

Two worlds bleeding into each other.
Two realities. Or even more?
Different timelines.
Liminal rites.

My chronicles of one year are almost finished.

Wastelanders, assemble.
Find yourselves and burn brighter.

The fourteenth key is yet to be spread.

May fire lead us on our ways.

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I could stare at the water forever. Such beauty, such quietness and yet such a power lies within this lake. 

The water seems so calm, so still, so soothing in its quietness. I wonder if it’s trying to lure you in.

To step in the water, further and further, go deeper and deeper until you find yourself being trapped. Drowning in the depths of those deep,…

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Luckily enough, I found some sort of shelter for the night ... But who had built it? It doesn't feel that "natural" at all ... 

It seems like somebody used the fire place not to long ago... I wonder if it was for heat only, or might they have found something worthy to - I can't believe I am thinking this - actually cook? 

... and what is that massive…

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I am lying on a meadow, watching the crows.

In my dream world, I feel something shift. Something strange is going on here. I reach out for wisdom, only to stumble into the next level.

Four Oaks – stuck in my mind...
People and animals, they are celebrating. Have we arrived yet?

And there he stands again, mute and speechless in the middle of the crowd.…

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I'm not sure how long it has been since my path joined with those two pagans. The flow of time is weird in this realm. The trees around us are ancient. It feels like we are being watched.

The ruins ... I'm not sure if the man knows the way. He says he does but there is no sight of them. The woman scares me. She often goes into deep trance, eating dirt,…

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Long have I been thinking about this, but no rest shall I have. 

I am leaving this place. Unexpected this is. Unknown voices are calling me.


I have to leave this place. Sunset. The time seems right ... 

Try to get away from it ... It's always an adavantage to have the yellow pest in the back – it lights your way and keeps others from seeing…

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