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The Wheel delivered an short analysis of staTTer's ritual from a magickal standpoint.

The ritual itself was well prepared, the ingredients for the scrying were all there. His will seemed strong and the effects sent ripples through the wasteland's web of the essence. Yet he had to fail nonetheless. 

When you're searching for darkness, darkness will find…

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I've been exploring the woods for days now, searching for roots, leaves and other sources of nutrition – with little success.

Then, I found some mushrooms ... Growing under an unknown tree. I was suspicous at first, but then the hunger got the best of me.

Oh my, they tasted awful, but then again, at least something to fill the void in my stomach.

But the…

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Message from g8s

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The Wheel delivered an alternate analysis to the GrandMæster's answer to g8s from a numerlological standpoint.

33: honesty, compassion, inspiration, courage, and blessings; master number in numerology; highest degree in freemasonry.

444: love, encouragement, and support; magical things to come.

555: the wheel of fate is moving (yes, we are); changes…

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Wake up ... 
Arise ... 
Thrive ... 

I can see you. 
I can feel your anxiety and I can offer you a choice. 

Like seeds in the field, there is life all around us. 
Some will grow with pure heart, pure mind and pure thought. 
Others not so much ... 

What will it be? 
Who do you want to become? 

Follow the signs and you will find me. 
Either way, we will…

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Today me and Luna, my beloved dog, wandered through the woods. Suddenly she stopped, looked up to the trees and tried to catch the smell of an unknown visitor.

After some time of searching the treetops, I saw the reason why my friend was so excited. There was a little fluffy something on the tree just next to us! With a closer look I found out that it was a…

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Am I insane?

I was sent out by the GrandMaester to explore the area and gather supplies along with the Squad Of Bees. I had a really strange out-of-body experience on that journey. It felt like I was able to look into the future for a few seconds. 

Back then I thought I was hallucinating. I’ve eaten a lot of wild plants I don’t know since I’m here, so I…

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Shad0w, m0rl0ck, s33k3r and I were were sent out by the Grandmaester to explore the area and look for food, supplies etc. So we first followed the creek west and then north, downstream the Stillwater River. 

The first night near the river I had a dream about a spinning tin can hidden in a tunnel. And I heard a knocking. I got really excited and I wanted to…

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Out exploring with the Squad of Bees (part 1)

I suddenly remember ...

We started our journey on a cloudy day in spring. At least we thought it was spring because the days were getting longer, and nature was blooming. 

It was a full moon's night, and the wind was blowing. Hard times were to come for the wastelanders. More people arriving meant more food…

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Report from 1st quest of the Northeners.

It is hard to tell what is real anymore, or what was before. I was sure I'd break a leg when I fell into that cave. But when I gained my senses back and woke up from another night/day full off nightmares, the leg felt actually better. There was still a pretty bad wound on it. Luckily, no broken bones. 

I used…

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