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Report from 1st quest of the Northeners.

Having caught a fat rabbit using a simple snare, Åra and I had our best meal in days. It's not often I see her enjoying a meal.

Sometimes I worry that she'll starve herself to death in her dedication to her calling. Too focused to eat anything. Maybe she just really likes rabbit? I should try to catch more.


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Report from 1st quest of the Northeners.

I cannot recall the last time I have slept sufficiently. These dreams keep haunting and following me – almost absorbing me. I rather watch the dark skies enhanced by the bewildering and stunning aurora.

Mantra has just come back from his scavenging and we are sitting at our base besides the fire. He reports to have…

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I don't know how many days it has been since my awakening in that cursed place. Hunger and thirst were driving me to edge of insanity. But I knew there had to be something I could use to stay alive and take the path leading to the swamp. 

The Great Machine haunted my dreams in this madness. But this gave me strange hope. I will survive. I found a room where…

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Lately I witnessed something that I cannot understand completely. But I shall try to describe it. 

I was in the woods last evening, marching through beautiful twilight, watching squirrels and deer on my way. As I looked closer, I realised one deer had scratches at its neck and it was limping. Slowly it was searching the ground for food, turning acorns and…

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Woke up naked on bed of stone.
Weird tubes all around my body.

Head was hurting. It felt like I had slept for years. I've had this really weird dream, where I had been surrounded by gears and pistons ten times my height.

The sound of the machines was hypnotic. Like a beating heart.
I felt that I was in a presence of something holy.

I pulled out the tubes,…

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squad of daybreak... 
hrmmm who breaks days? the night? 

night-squad might be a rather big shift of perspective.

so the grandmaester-entity brought us together, briefing us and dubbing us "THE SQUAD OF DAYBREAK".

funny i'd never been part of a squad before but i get a faint bit of that deja-feeling about a quadpod-squad.

we have no brooms, to fly on,…

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Needles, anyone?

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The river I found led me to another, and with it the place from my dream.

Apparently there were people here.
Not so long ago.
I'll take a good look at the area.

Suddenly I feel dizzy. 
Just a little. 
No. It's getting more and more, so strong that I have to sit down.

I feel presences. 
So many. 
Mostly good ones, I think. 


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At long last! 
Running water! 

I'm so happy I'm going to jump right in and get cleaned up. 
It feels so great! 
Cold, but great! 

Luckily I remembered in time that I have to be careful not to get the water in my mouth, nose or eyes. 

If it is unclean, it could cause a bad infection. 
And alone in the wilderness this would be devastating. 

Today the…

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I was startled by a dream last night. 

Although I fell asleep again and a few hours have passed since, the feelings and images still resonate. 
It was a feeling like "family", "love", "safety", "happiness". 
Something that I have not felt for a long time. 

Also, the connection with someone was strongly present. 
The same connectedness that I felt for the…

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