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I need to show you what I saw today.

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I have been in this strange environment for a few days now and have been able to secure my shelter even better, got oriented and have enough water and food. 

I already avoid the predator areas very well. 
After traces of supposedly a lynx, I have also discovered clues about wolves. 
Therefore I am all the more careful. 

Because I have found a safe and…

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Maybe it wasn't so good going right after all.

There are feathers scattered around and it looks like there were lynxes here. I've found tracks all around here.
I'd better stay away from this place if I don't want any trouble.

Oh! What?
They look deliberately put down.
With these sticks ...
I'm gonna see where I'm going with this.

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A fork in the road.

It's getting day and I've slept for maybe three hours.
Nevertheless I am wide-awake.
Slowly the morning dew is coming.
I can collect and drink it easily.

Okay, then I'll have a look around again.

I crawled out of this block.
I don't know what this is all about.
Did someone kidnap me?
Is there something else going on?
Am I…

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Not asleep. 

My night was long, my sleep much shorter. 
My sleeping place was not the problem. I had made it quite comfortable and well secured. Rather this "call", and the questions ... 

Where I am and how I came here, why I can hardly remember anything, this feeling that it is important to survive ... 

And this presence. Or presences. 
Since I've been…

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I did get out of that concrete block. 
But I find nothing but wilderness around me. 

I can't remember a thing. But I do know that the most important things now are water, food and shelter. Surprisingly easy to find. 

I found a pretty open place. 
With several trees, including birch and some wild herbs. Intuitively I knew what I could use and…

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What's going on here? 
Where am I now? 
What the fuck, what happened? 

It looks like I'm in the inside from a little cell or a very little vault. 
I can hardly see anything. 

Where is the exit? 
I gotta get out of here! 
I have to get to that place I saw through the trees. 

Wait! What was that!? 
Something was on my neck. 
It fell down. 


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I knew it! 

My dream is spoiling. 
The beautiful magic roots are starting to rot. 

Change is paving it's way. 
A sign! 
The trees form a triangle.
If I look through it, it will show me the way. 

Here, this is where I have to go. 
I can feel it! 
I should find that river. 
Especially this section. 
I'm drawn to this place. 

I'm falling! 

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What's that? 

Such bright green, such colourful flowers. 
I am surprisingly happy here. 
But something is calling me and it's not the birds. 

Is there something behind it? 
No time to look into it. 
The call is getting louder! 
I will follow it. 

There is a dragonfly. 
Wow! The first animal I see since I've been here. 

A bridge? 
I have to be careful! 

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Where am I? 

I can hear the birds. 
But I don't see any. 
Not a single one. 

Where are all the animals? 
Are there even people here? 
I think I'm absolutely alone. 

Maybe that's a good thing. 
I'll take a look around then I'II see.

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