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C1RCU17's Blog Entry 004

I'm not sure how long it has been since my path joined with those two pagans. The flow of time is weird in this realm. The trees around us are ancient. It feels like we are being watched.

The ruins ... I'm not sure if the man knows the way. He says he does but there is no sight of them. The woman scares me. She often goes into deep trance, eating dirt, herbs and what a not. Said she met a dryad before they met me. Scared it away, too. Fucking witch. What the hell is a dryad anyway ...

The whispers of the machine soothes me still. I hear them even while awake now. Little tinks and kliks. Gears. Humming of electricity. Soothing in the mists of madness.

In sleep there is other voices now, too. Connected with an entity called suurmestari ... Human shaped shadow in the machine's heartbeat. This person feels important. Wise. And key to connect all the realms. I wonder if he is real. There were other shades too. Still hidden. Unrevealed.
Maybe the witch knows.