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feAther's Blog Entry 004

Dear collective members, 

as we already know, the Prophets of Ashfaroth suspected us of stealing books from their library. Well, to be clear: in fact, we do currently possess them after a trip to Ashville. Our new member f4v5t made valuable points in his expertise. The knowledge contained in their books is, according to our analysis, most likely NOT the intellectual property of the Ashville inhabitants and therefore not their exclusive property. Therefore, each and every collective member, not to say each and every inhabitant of wasteland, should have access to this pioneering wisdom. 

I would also like to point out that in my latest vision, wasteland members tried out the possibilities of magically imprinting the contents into the minds of collective members. Another alternative approach, based on an idea of 5OULM4T3 and Ch4r0n, was to perpetuate the vibrations of the sounds on objects by reading the writings out aloud. For both cases, the identical result was: in the remaining time and due to our current knowledge and resources, these plans would not work out as planned. 

Even more alarmingly, in the very same vision, our headquarters was on fire, not to say completely burning down after some kind of explosion. This could have shown the consequences of an attack. But also, strange people, possibly mages or members of a cult, appeared in the vision – maybe former inhabitants of wasteland we did not have the chance to meet yet? Perhaps we should seek them out? 

My point of view is clear in any case: I do not want to give the books to Ashville just like that. Personally, I absolutely agree with f4v5t on this subject. Since, as the vision suggests, this might turn out as an important decision for our whole collective, we should all take a vote. Or discuss further suggestions, even when time is running out. 

So, first proposals from the Squad of Zombies who secured the books in the first step, are … 

1. We try to store as much of the content as possible (in heads or objects, depending on the possibilities). Even despite my vision and the GrandMæster’s evaluation that this will hardly possible in limited time and with even more limited resources. 

2. We ignore the threats and do not respond to the letter. 

3. We respond to the letter and pretend not to know a thing about the matter. We can keep as an option to offer our help to retrieve the books later. 

4. We look for allies in wasteland. Especially after my vision of other obviously magically gifted wasteland inhabitants. 

5. We offer Ashville to share our knowledge, as well as with all other cities and/or inhabitants of wasteland. 

6. We attack Ashville before they can attack us. 

7. We seek negotiation and alliance (while keeping in mind that they seem to be dealing with dark magic or even worse to influence others through it). 

All your feedback would be appreciated. I do not have to emphasise the urgency of a decision. So I would like to ask you to all vote for one or more of the proposals above. 

Furthermore, I call on you to keep in mind that we choose how to react. If the choice is fear, we become vulnerable to the darkness. 

May the Raven watch over all of us,