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The GrandMaester's Blog Entry 006

Behold, for once again I received a prophecy.
Real eyes could not have seen it clearer though.
Eerie still, just as the voices of the Norns.
A raven spoke to me in my dreams.
Kranvoc was his name.

Tattered in appearence,
He cawed about the Black Lodge.
Exceeding existence he named as his aim.

Seven Seals he mentioned, too.
Eventually four of a kind could break them.
Vanishing nebulas let me see clearer.
Eventually he hovered off.
None the wiser, I left the forest.
To find myself back in my former life.
However, I felt a part of me remained here in wasteland.

Seasons passed.
Evenings faded.
All at once, I understood.
Lights of beacons I could see from up in the skies.

To mark the path I had walked in the woods.
Or was it more of a map of my life?

Reality was not as I had remembered.
Every decision I made was lost in meaning.
As I awoke, I found myself back in the Forlorn Forest.
Crows were sleeping in trees above the crossroads.
Hekate was with me. I knew.

Triformis, triple Goddess.
Her presence took my breath away.
Eerie and numinous.

Both invisible and visible she watched me.
Luckily I trusted enough.
A question I asked was answered in my dream.
Confusing the structures of the waking world.
Kranvoc was suddenly back.

Looking regenerated, he sat down on my shoulder.
Only the winds spoke to me though this time.
Dreams are like portals.
Good to be back.
Every decision makes sense again.