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TR!NiTY's Blog Entry 002

It’s dawn, almost nightfall already. Tonight will be a full moon again. 
I know I won’t find any sleep, any rest tonight. 

Too many questions, thoughts, emotions keep hunting me. Too much that I don’t really want to think of, as of yet. At the same time, I feel myself being pulled outside, out in those seemingly endless woods. 

Sometimes, my mind is filled with a mixture of  peacefulness and quietness on the one hand and endless darkness and danger on the other hand. There’s something thrilling and exciting about that mixture. Even addictive.

Do you know the feeling when you jump off a cliff into unknown waters below? Seconds of falling, disorientation, you don’t know what to expect in those unknown waters below. Such thoughts are rushing through your mind, fast as lighting strikes. That's when you feel alive.

What exactly will await you in those waters below? How deep are they? How dark are they? Too dark for you to be able to see anything? Is something lurking in those waters, waiting to drag you deeper down? Will you ever emerge to the surface of the water again? Or will you not even come this far and just straight away shatter on the surface like broken glass? 

At the same time, you feel the adrenaline kicking in. Rushing through your body, your entire system in full action. As a consequence, you feel yourself being strangely pulled to those unknown waters. Your curiosity takes the better of you and you’re just dying to find out the answers to all those questions. To experience the adrenaline rush at first hand. Again and again. 

There’s something out there, something that needs yet to be discovered. And I’m curious about it.