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The Thirteen Truths

Not only has there been scrying of a Black Lodge recently, but also of The Thirteen Truths to be revealed. Hints are hidden in this website, but also in recent social media postings and videos from Aeons of Ashes and wasteland2570.com.

Whenever you suspect to have found and deciphered one of the Thirteen Truths, check our website, add a slash ("/") and the phrase in one line (without any special characters). If correct, you earned 1 XP and in addition learned something that could help your wasteland character in a delicate situation.

So, if you suspected the sentence "WastelandIsAwesome" to be one of the Truths, you would type "wasteland2570.com/wastelandisawesome" in your browser. Spoiler alert: This is true but still none of The Thirteen Truths.